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We have yellow ribbon “Support Our Troops” flags for sale! Show your support for our men and women in uniform by displaying a yellow ribbon flag.

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Flags with Yellow Ribbons to Show Military Support

Although the symbolism of the yellow ribbon today is most widely recognized as showing support for our troops as they defend the interests of our great nation, the use of the yellow ribbon dates back at least four hundred years to the poem “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” that was written about a woman who was awaiting her husband to return home. The poem was likely brought to America by early English settlers. There have been songs written about displaying yellow ribbons to welcome loved ones home. During the Iran hostage crisis, while 52 Americans were held at the US embassy in Tehran starting in November 1979, yellow ribbons were tied around trees in many places in the United States to support the safe release of the hostages who were finally released in January of 1981. The yellow ribbon has also been used to represent other causes such as disease awareness, scholastic awards, and assistance, as well as “forgiveness” just to name a few. A yellow ribbon may be worn on one’s person, attached to a vehicle, or displayed outside of a home or business. The wide usage of the yellow ribbon was renewed in the early 1990s during the Gulf War when the ribbons were commonly seen with the phrase “Support Our Troops” and continues today as a well-recognized symbol for supporting the efforts of our military men and women. Our yellow ribbon flags will help you continue to convey that message. Anyone who wishes to show their support may display one of these flags.