Telescopic Flagpole Solar Light


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Solar-Powered Night Illumination for Telescopic Flagpoles

Keep the flags on your telescopic flagpole illuminated at night with this solar lighting system that swivels with your flag and automatically turns on and off at dawn and dusk. A large solar panel mounted on top of the unit collects energy from the sun during the day which is stored in the unit’s rechargeable batteries. The light should be in a position so that it will collect the maximum amount of sunlight during the daylight hours. This will depend on the location of your flagpole and its proximity to buildings, trees, etc. Twenty super-bright LED lights project light down onto the flag, regardless of which direction the wind is blowing. The light attaches to the top rotating harness that the top of the flag is attached to so that it will rotate 360 degrees thus following right along with the flag as it flies. An adapter kit which allows the the light so swivel more easily is included. The fixture can provide a full eight hours of illumination after a full sunny day of charging.

  • 1000 lumens of light from 20 super bright LED lights
  • Premium quality aluminum housing with tempered glass solar panel
  • Swivels together with the flag thus concentrating all of its light on the flag at all times
  • On/off switch to turn the light off if needed
  • Automatic on/off sensor that works when the on/off switch is in the “on” position
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries included
  • Easy to install with no wiring needed

*Flagpole, ornament, and flag not included

**This light is intended for telescopic flagpoles with rotating harnesses and clips only. It will not function properly with any flagpole that requires ropes, cables, or chain to raise and lower the flag.

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