St. Patrick's Day Flags

Get your decorative house flags and garden flags with leprechauns, shamrocks, and rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day right here at I Am Erica’s Flags. What a great way to get your green on at Home or at your Business. Available in house and garden flag sizes.

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Showing all 26 results

Decorative Saint Patrick’s Day Flags for your home or business.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Flags are beautiful and great for the occasion. The day was originally observed in Ireland as a religious event with feasts honoring the life of St. Patrick, but today it is mainly a secular holiday celebrating Irish culture. St. Patrick was a 5th-century missionary and Bishop in Ireland and is credited with introducing Christianity to Ireland. Although Patrick was never formally canonized, he is revered as a saint within the Catholic Church as well as many other Christian denominations. According to legend, Patrick used the shape of a shamrock in his teachings as a visual aid to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is also believed that Patrick viewed the rainbow as a symbol of God’s promise to never destroy the earth again by flood. St. Patrick’s Day or his Feast Day is celebrated on March, 17th which is believed to be the date of Patrick’s death since it is impossible to pinpoint the exact date of the Saint’s birth. Leprechauns are not associated with St. Patrick, however, this mythical creature is one of the most enduring myths in Ireland. As the story goes, if one is wearing green, it makes them invisible to leprechauns who are tricky little creatures that like to pinch people. If they see you, they will pinch you, hence the Irish tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. And as good luck is concerned, the tradition of a shamrock or clover leaf being used by the Saint to represent the Holy Trinity a clover with four leaves is very rare and one is considered “lucky” to find one, hence other good-luck charms that have become associated with the day of green. For example, the Leprechaun’s pot-o’-gold at the end of the rainbow and the horseshoe. So let’s get our green on and honor Ireland’s Patron Saint by dressing up your outdoor landscape or interior decor at the same time with one or more of our Saint Patty’s Day decorative flags.

  • Green and gold Irish-themed flags are a great way to make decorating for the 17th of March lucky and fun
  • Displaying flags is a simple and inexpensive way to mix up with other shamrock and rainbow-themed props or arrange your St. Pat’s Day-themed decorations around the theme of your decorative St. Patrick’s flags
  • No decorative seasonal flag collection is complete without a Happy St. Patrick’s Day flag
  • Give your favorite flag person a St. Patrick’s Day flag as a gift