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Solar-Powered Night Illumination for Residential In-ground Flagpoles

Keep the flags on your flagpole illuminated at night with this solar lighting system. Five solar panels mounted on top of the unit collect energy from the sun during the day and store it in the unit’s three rechargeable batteries. The light should be in a position so that it will collect the maximum amount of sunlight during the daylight hours. This will depend on the location of your flagpole and its proximity to buildings, trees, etc. Twenty super-bright LED lights project light down 360 degrees around the area where the flag flies. The fixture can provide a full eight hours of illumination after a full sunny day of charging.

  • 5 Solar panels that collect sunlight all-day
  • 20 Super Bright LED lights that illuminate your flag at night
  • Automatically turns on and off at dusk and dawn
  • 3 rechargeable lithium batteries – included
  • Center hole 1/2″
  • Dimensions – 10.125″ x 1.25″
  • Easy to install

Instructions for installation

(1) The batteries are packed separately in the styrofoam and not pre-installed. Remove the battery doors with a small Phillips screwdriver, insert the batteries, and replace the doors.

(2) Unscrew the flagpole ornament from the top of your flagpole and place the solar light on top of the pulley assembly with the panels pointing upward. Replace the ornament after passing it through the hole in the center of the light and screw it back in place. Please do not over-tighten.

(3) Remove the protective plastic film. The batteries typically need to receive 3 days of full sunlight before they are fully charged.

*Flagpole, ornament, and flag not included

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