Remember the brave members of our military who are missing in action or have become prisoners of war by flying a POW-MIA flag. We offer a great selection of military flags to choose from.

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The iconic POW Flag was designed by Newt Heisley in collaboration with Annin flag makers along with Mrs. Mary Hoff, wife of Navy Commander Michael G. Hoff who was shot down in 1970 during combat in the Vietnam War and was never recovered. The flag became a symbol for our military personnel who are missing in action or prisoners of war. The famous silhouette image and the slogan “You are not forgotten” are both a result of this well-known flag design. The POW/MIA flag is the second most displayed flag in America. Only our beloved Stars and Stripes has higher sales and production volume. The POW/MIA flag is also the only flag other than the American flag that is allowed to fly over the White House and continuously over the US Capital’s rotunda. You may fly this flag at your home or business to pay tribute to all those who are missing. Whether you are a veteran or you would just like to pay tribute to the many sacrifices of our brave service members, we have a POW-MIA flag that is right for you.

Occasions to fly the POW-MIA flag:

  • Armed Forces Day 3rd Saturday in May
  • Memorial Day Last Monday in May
  • Flag Day June 14
  • Independence Day July 4
  • National POW/MIA Recognition Day 3rd Fri. in September
  • Veterans Day November 11

Many people fly the POW/MIA flag at their Homes or businesses every day which is also appropriate.