Patriotic Triple Wind Spinner


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Patriotic Triple Spinner

This beautiful red, white and blue wind spinner has three separate wind wheels that rotate in different directions as the wind blows. The front and back wheels turn in the same direction, while the center wheel turns in the opposite direction, creating a mesmerizing effect. Dazzle your lawn and garden with this great outdoor decoration that will make the perfect addition to any landscape for American patriotic occasions or for everyday display. Place it in the yard, flowerbed, planter pot or anywhere there is a breeze, and let the graduated spinning wheels entertain your brain as you watch the motion increase and decrease speed with the wind gusts.

WindGarden brand, Triple Spinners by Premier Kites and Designs are the highest quality and longest lasting wind spinners on the market today. They are made using high quality, rigid plastic and fiberglass components for the flexible, durable framework while UV resistant Suntex fabric is used to create the artistic and bright designs that will hold their color and shape much longer than other less expensive brands. These works of art in motion will provide many hours of visual pleasure while watching the breeze make your wind spinner spin. Easy to assemble and comes complete with ground stake and two piece support rod. No other materials or accessories are needed!

  • Spinner size: W 27″ x H 19″ (not including the support rod)
  • Rotation diameter: Back wheel 17″ center wheel 14.5″ front wheel 10.5″
  • Two piece fiberglass support rod: 3/8″ diameter x 38″ length (5″ inside ground stake 33″ above ground)
  • Overall above ground height: 46″

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