Military Flags

Military flags for sale! Shop our wide selection of flags from all of the different branches of the armed forces as well as POW/MIA, and “Support our Troops”.

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Showing 1–64 of 226 results

Showing 1–64 of 226 results

Official Military Flags

Purchase flags in all different price ranges and many different sizes and types of material from lightweight to heavy-duty, high-wind resistant as well as decorative garden and house flags representing the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force. We also carry a wide selection of Blue Service Star flags, POW/MIA flags, Support Our Troops flags, and flags bearing messages that observe Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. Flying a flag with an official military logo is an excellent way to show your pride and support for whatever branch of service you served in. Display a decorative garden flag or house flag or 3×5 military flag at your home or business or choose from our selection of larger sizes from 4×6 up to 6×10. Military branch-specific flags make great gifts for your favorite veteran or active-duty service member. Purchase a full matching set of all of the different branches to pay tribute to the armed forces as a whole. I Am Erica’s Flags is also your source for replacing and refreshing the flags at veteran memorials and military-themed displays and events.

  • 13″x18″ Decorative Garden Flags
  • 28″40″ Decorative House Flags
  • 2’x3′ – 6’x10′ grommeted flags