Low Cost Printed Polyester USA Flagpole Kit Silver


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Printed single-ply polyester American flag and 6′ silver 3-piece steel flagpole with stamped steel bracket kit.

  • Low-cost 3×5 printed polyester American flag
  • Three-piece construction with sections that swedge together for easy assembly and economical shipping
  • Made of light gauge steel with a bright, silver finish
  • Gold plastic eagle ornament
  • Designed for flags with grommets (3×5 is the ideal size for a 6′ pole)
  • Pole size approximately 6′ long x 3/4″ diameter
  • Kit includes a galvanized steel bracket, two medium-sized, white zip ties, and a pair of 3/4″ clear acrylic mounting clamps
  • You save $2 versus buying components separately

This kit may also be purchased with no flag. Click here to see our silver 6ft three-piece flagpole kit.

Mounting method 1:

  1. Remove set screws from mounting clamps and slide the first clamp up the bottom of the flagpole and position just below the eagle
  2. Position threaded hole in clamp under the top grommet of flag
  3. Replace the set screw in clamp through the grommet of the flag thereby holding the flag snug against the pole (see mounting method 1 picture). Please do not over tighten
  4. Repeat with lower grommet
  5. Position the bottom clamp so there is a slight amount of tension on the canvas header between the grommets, thus holding the flag firmly in place

Mounting method 2 (Recommended):

  1. For extra security and to reduce stress on acrylic mounting clamps, thread zip ties through the grommets and around the pole just below the bottom clamp and above the top clamp rather than inserting the set screw through the grommet as in method 1 (see mounting method 2 picture). This method is recommended (especially for flags with larger grommets)
  2. Mounting clamps may be moved up and down the pole to adjust the tension on the white canvas header

Three-piece poles are not recommended for flags made of material heavier than nylon or larger than 3×5. Flags should not be flown in extreme wind conditions.

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