Hummingbirds House Flags

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Showing all 8 results

Large House Flags and Banners with Hummingbirds

Hummingbird-themed house flags make great gifts for any bird lover or bird watcher! These small birds are called hummingbirds because of the sound their beating wings make while hovering around feeders and flowers. Hummingbird wings flap at rates between 12 – 80 beats per second depending upon the breed and size. Smaller species will flap their wings faster than larger ones. These incredible tiny birds can fly at speeds that have been measured at up to 34 mph. During the mating ritual, the males will go into a steep dive above the female going straight down at speeds over 50 mph. They are showing off for their lady. Display a large house flag in your yard or the spot where the hummingbirds gather. Create an observation area with your bird feeder setup and hang a hummingbird house flag nearby to create just the right decorative atmosphere. The birds will probably love it too. Our hummingbird house flags have bright brilliant colors with spring and summer themes. Decorative house flags are made to be used outdoors and they are also beautiful enough to place inside. Hang one on the wall as one might display a tapestry or put one out on your post or wall-mounted pole. They are also great for hanging in windows.