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We offer bright, brilliant hummingbird flags for sale! Buzzing around making our world beautiful. Check out our wide selection of decorative hummingbird flags.

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Showing all 13 results

Decorative Seasonal Flags with Hummingbirds

Hummingbird flags will delight every bird lover! The tiny creatures are so named because of the humming sound their wings make while hovering in mid-air while gathering nectar. The wings of a hummingbird will flap at a rate of 12 – 80 beats per second depending upon the breed and size. Species that are smaller in size will flap their wings faster than larger ones. These amazing little birds flying speeds have been measured as fast as 34 mph but during courtship, the males will go into a steep dive above the female reaching speeds over 50 mph. They are just showing off for the girls. Hang a decorative flag in your backyard or wherever the hummingbirds flutter about. Create a viewing site with your bird feeder setup and add a decorative hummingbird flag to the scene for a little extra atmosphere and effect. Who knows? The birds will probably like it too. Our hummingbird flags feature rich and bright color schemes with spring and summer themes. All of our decorative flags are made for outdoor use but they are attractive enough to display inside as well. Place one on the wall as a tapestry might be displayed or put a flag out on your wall-mounted flagpole or small flag stand in the yard or garden.