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Common queries answered

Frequently asked Questions

You are more than welcome to return any item within 2 weeks of receipt for a refund or exchange. Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for additional information.

Our shipping team works hard to ship your package within 2 business days of your order being placed, although during times of high volume it may take up to 4 business days. Once your package is in the hands of the shipping carrier, then they are expected to deliver the package in a timely manner. The general expectation of delivery times is listed below:

US Postal Service First Class – 4 to 6 Business Days

US Postal Service Priority – 2 to 4 Business Days

UPS Ground Shipping – 1* to 3 Business Days

US Postal Service Priority Express – 1 to 2 Business Days

Please note that depending on the size of the package, we will select the best option for our team. If you would like your package shipped using a specific carrier or priority level then please contact us to see if any additional shipping costs will be incurred.

*UPS Ground packages are guaranteed by UPS to be delivered within 1 business day if the delivery destination is within the state of Texas.

As long as your package has not shipped, we will be glad to make any requested adjustments to your order. After the package has shipped then we recommend either refusing the package, as described on our Shipping & Returns page, or following our return and exchange policy.

As long as your package has not shipped, simply contact us and we will process your cancellation. If your package has shipped, then we recommend refusing the package, as described on our Shipping & Returns page.

All confirmation emails are sent to the email address entered during the purchase process immediately after the order has been placed. Once a shipping label has been created by our team you will receive an email with tracking information. The tracking number will update with an expected delivery date once the package is in the hands of the shipping carrier.

If you have not received any email confirmations and are concerned about your order, we recommend checking your spam folder to see if the emails were misidentified by your email service as unwanted. After checking both your inbox and spam folders, if the emails cannot be located, then please reach out to our team and confirm the email address entered when your order was placed.

We are a proud American family-owned and operated business located in Texas. We work very hard to offer as many products that are made in the United States as possible, but with the majority of the textile and fabric business operating overseas then there are only so many USA-Made options we are able to offer. We work with over 30 vendors and manufacturers to make sure our products are the best quality for the price. Rest assured – even if the product is not American Made you are supporting an American small business by choosing to shop with us at I Am Erica’s Flags.

Our decorative Garden and House Flags are made out of fade-resistant fabric, but fading from the sun is unfortunately something we cannot avoid. It is important to note that designs with darker colors will show signs on fading faster than lighter flags.

We also recommend taking your flags down if you are expecting inclement weather. Repeated exposure to high winds, especially combined with rain or heavy moisture, will weaken the fabric and lead to premature fraying.

We have seen many customers who are able to make their flags last several years by placing them in partial or full shade and regularly changing out the flags with different seasons or holidays. If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

While none of our flags will have a blank side, we use several terms throughout our product descriptions to let you know if our flags are single or double sided:

Single-Sided or Single-Reverse

On our printed flags the image will be visible on both sides with one side being slightly lighter (the difference is rarely noticeable). If there are words in the design then they will only read correctly from the “front” side. When describing our sewn flags (ie: American or Texas Flags) this means that while it is technically not double-sided, it will look virtually the same on both sides of the flag with the exception of the hems. 


The term “double-sided” or “double applique” describes flags that are actually two different flags sewn together, and may or may not include a piece of light-blocker fabric as a middle layer. It is also important to note that many of our popular, printed decorative flags are listed as “double-sided”, but are instead created using a high-quality blocker fabric so the image is printed on both sides of the same piece of fabric. Any images will be identical and the words will read correctly on either side of the flag.

In addition, some of our decorative or sewn flags will not be double applique or double-sided, but the manufacturer instead opted to sew a panel on the back of the flag where lettering appears so the words read correctly on both sides of the flag.

Each product will have a description that will specify which of the above options describes it best. If there are any questions or if you would like clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cleaning your flag regularly or prior to storing for an extended period of time will help extend the life of the flag. If not removed, dirt particles can embed themselves into the fabric and contribute to premature fraying. Most of our manufacturers recommend hand washing flags in warm water with a mild detergent before hang drying.

Our team can assist you with custom printed flags in various sizes for your organization or business. We do prefer you provide a logo or artwork, but can help with the design process for an additional fee. Volume discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.

When shopping our State & World and/or Novelty & Historical flag categories, you may have questions about the different fabric options that are available. There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing a fabric for your flag, so we have added a comprehensive list below to assist in your decision-making process:

Sewn Cotton
  • Indoor Use
  • Typically sewn or appliqued designs
  • Heavy fabric; Luxurious feel
  • Considered most historically accurate for many flags
  • Can be used outdoors for special occasions
2-Ply Polyester
  • Outdoor Use
  • Typically sewn or appliqued designs
  • Heavy fabric; not usually suitable for poles under 20′ tall
  • Strongest option for high-wind environments
  • Preferred by businesses, schools, and organizations for its longevity
Sewn Nylon
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Sewn or appliqued designs
  • Lightweight fabric; medium-grade quality
  • Not ideal for heavy winds, but does great with light breezes
  • Great starting point for new flag owners
Printed Nylon
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Printed designs
  • Lightweight fabric; light to medium-grade quality
  • Not ideal for heavy winds, but does great with light breezes
  • The higher the denier count, the greater the durability
Superknit Polyester
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Printed designs
  • Lightweight, stretchy fabric
  • Not ideal for heavy winds, but does well in light breezes
  • Popular for municipal flag programs
Printed Polyester
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Printed designs
  • Lightweight fabric; low-cost option
  • Not ideal for heavy winds, but does well in light breezes
  • Most common fabric for custom and novelty flags
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