Christian Royal Blue and White Sewn Nylon Flags


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Sizes Ranging From 3×5 Up To 8×12 Sewn Nylon Christian Flags

Celebrate your Christian heritage with a beautifully appliqued and sewn nylon Christian flag with a royal blue field. Nylon flags are durable, with brilliant colors, and are lightweight enough to fly in a light breeze. The rich royal blue, combined with the blood-red cross stands out beautifully against the pure white background. Also makes a great gift for your favorite observant Christian.

The actual size of the flag in the picture is 3×5. The artwork on the other sizes is the same.

  • Made in the USA
  • Fade-resistant, 100% 200 denier nylon fabric
  • Sewn panels and applique Cross
  • 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent premature fraying
  • Finished with canvas header and brass grommets
  • 8×12 has “D” rings on either end of the header with one grommet in the center

Available sizes

  • 3×5
  • 4×6
  • 5×8
  • 6×10
  • 8×12

Variations of the Christian Flag Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands, one Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again with life and liberty for all who believe.

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands, one brotherhood, uniting all mankind, in service and love.

I affirm my loyalty to the Christian Flag and to our Savior whose cross it bears, one spiritual fellowship under that cross, uniting us in service and love.

History of the Christian Flag

The design consists of a pure white field representing peace and the purity of Jesus Christ, a blue canton representing the waters of baptism and Jesus’ faithfulness, and a red Latin Cross within the blue canton that represents the blood that Jesus shed on the Cross on Calvary Hill. The Christian Flag was designed in the early 1900s by Coney Island Brighton Chapel Sunday School Superintendent Charles Overton with the aid of Ralph Diffendorfer, secretary of the Methodist Young People’s Missionary Movement. It is currently used by many Christian Church denominations including but not limited to Anglican, Baptist, Congregationalist, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Moravian, and Presbyterian. The flag design was adopted in 1942 by the United States Federal Council of Churches and has since become a well-recognized, universal Christian symbol displayed in thousands of Churches and Christian schools in North America, Latin America, and Africa. There are no official specifications as to the size, proportions, or specific color shades although standard red and blue or royal blue and a 2:3 size ratio are most commonly accepted.

Christian flags made in the America

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3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 6×10, 8×12