Christian Double Applique Garden Flag


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Official Christian garden flag with beautiful, heavy embroidery and applique work, combined with deep, rich-looking colors, creating a gorgeous flag to hang up at your Home, Church, or place of business to honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Made for outdoor use, but attractive enough to display indoors as well.

Dicksons Double Applique Garden Flags are among the finest quality flags in the industry, featuring 3-ply construction. This means two heavily embroidered and appliqued flags are sewn together back to back with batting sewn in between. The 3-ply construction process yields a rich-looking, luxurious flag that offers a very high-end appearance that anyone would be proud to display inside or outside their home or place of business. Each unique design is crafted using brightly colored, weather-resistant, nylon fabric along with tight, detailed embroidered stitching that is sure to draw attention. This flag will fit on any garden pole. Flags size 13” x 18”.

Meaning and History of the Christian Flag

The Christian Flag was originally designed in the early 20th century to represent all of Christianity and is now used by many Churches across North and Latin America as well as Africa. First conceived on September, 26th, 1897 by Sunday school superintendent, Charles Overton of Brighton Chapel, located on New York’s Coney Island, Overton was compelled to give an impromptu lecture to the gathered students that evening because the scheduled speaker failed to show up for the event. As he gave the speech, he asked the students what a flag representing Christianity should look like. Overton thought about that night for the next several years until in 1907, he and Ralph Diffendorfer, who was the secretary of the Methodist Young People’s Missionary Movement, designed and began promoting the new flag. As for the Christian symbolism contained in the design: The white field is to represent peace and innocence and the purity of Jesus Christ. The blue canton in the upper corner is the color of a cloudless sky, which is emblematic of heaven, the home of Christians. Blue also stands for faith and trust. Of course, the Cross in the center of the blue field is the ensign and chosen symbol of Christianity, while its deep, red color represents the blood of Christ.

On January 23 1942, the Federal Council of Churches officially adopted the flag. There are no official, specific dimensions, proportions or colors required, and the Christian flag intentionally is not patented, as the designers dedicated the flag to all of Christendom.

*Flagpole not included.

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