Cardinals Garden Flags

Cardinal garden flags are our most popular bird category. These beautiful redbird designs look great in your yard or lawn and give that extra splash of color.

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Showing all 37 results

Lawn Flags or Garden Flags Portraying Brilliant Bright Red Cardinals

“When cardinals appear, angels are near” is taken from the poem written by the poet Victoria McGovern. The meaning of that famous line is to serve as a comforting statement to the families of lost loved ones. Redbirds are believed to be messengers from Heaven as it is often that they are seen during difficult times. Especially when we lose a family member or dear friend who has passed over to the other shore. When a cardinal appears, it is also believed that is the spirit of the dear departed one coming back to comfort the ones left behind. Aside from the spiritual symbolism, cardinals are among the most beautiful birds in God’s creation and there are dozens of garden flags here to choose from that tout their regal presence and beauty. Decorative redbird garden flags are available for all four seasons including winter and autumn with their rich red color contrasting against the earthy tones of fall along with the snowy white backgrounds found on many winter garden flags. Spring and summer cardinal-themed garden flags offer lots of greens and colorful floral scenes which also complement the bright red that male cardinals are known for. We also have a great selection of garden flags that depict male and female cardinal couples showing the bright feathers of the male and the natural camouflage of the female. It doesn’t matter what season it is, if you are a cardinal enthusiast, we have just the flag for you. Get in and shop early so you don’t miss out on the latest designs.