Cardinal House Flags

Cardinal house flags represent one of our most popular categories. The gorgeous artwork and rich colors make them a real favorite with our customers.

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Showing all 37 results

Large House Flags Portraying Bright Beautiful Redbirds

The line taken from a poem written by Victoria McGovern”When cardinals appear, angels are near” is meant to provide solace for those who have recently lost loved ones. Cardinals are thought to be messengers from Heaven because oftentimes they are seen after we lose a family member or dear friend who has passed away. It is also believed that when a cardinal appears, is the spirit of the dearly departed making their presence known offering comfort to those left behind. In addition to their emblematic significance, the cardinal is one of the most beautiful birds in God’s world and we have dozens of cardinal-themed house flags here from which to choose. The regal beauty of this bird shows through in depictions of all four seasons including autumn and winter with the rich red color contrasting with the shades of fall as well as the snowy cold backgrounds found on many winter house flags. Summer and springtime-themed cardinal house flags offer many shades of greens and colorful scenes with flowers which also coordinate beautifully with the bright red male cardinals are so loved and known for. House flags that show male and female cardinal couples are also a popular choice with the brilliant red feathers of the male and the protective camouflage specific to the female. Whatever the season, cardinal enthusiasts, will find just the flag for their individual taste. Shop this category early and often so as to not miss out on the hottest new designs.