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Regal redbird flags for all seasons are for sale at I Am Erica’s Flags! If you love cardinals, you will also love our selection of decorative cardinal flags.

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Showing 1–64 of 76 results

Decorative Flags Portraying Beautiful Scenes with Brilliant Red Cardinals

“When cardinals appear, angels are near” is a line from a poem written by Victoria McGovern. The sentiment is meant as a comfort to those who have lost loved ones. It is believed that redbirds are messengers from Heaven and they often appear during those difficult times in life particularly when a family member or dear friend has passed over to the other shore. It is also said that when a cardinal appears, it is the spirit of the lost loved one coming to visit and comfort those left behind. In any case, cardinals are some of the most beautiful birds on God’s green earth and we have dozens of decorative flags to celebrate their regal beauty and symbolic presence. Decorative redbird flags are available for the fall and winter seasons with their striking red color contrasting with the earth tones of autumn as well as the stark white of snowy backgrounds found on many winter flags. Spring and summer-themed cardinal flags boast shades of green and colorful floral scenes which also complement the bright red that is synonymous with male cardinals. There is also a great assortment of decorative flags that depict cardinal couples showing the bright feathers of the male and the natural camouflage of the female. Whatever the season or occasion, if you are a redbird enthusiast, we have the right flag for you. Shop now so you don’t miss out on the newest designs.