Arkansas State 3x5 Flag - 150 Denier Nylon
Arkansas State 3×5 Flag – 150 Denier Nylon

Arkansas State 3×5 Flag – 150 Denier Nylon


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Official Arkansas State Flag 1924 – Present

The original Arkansas State Flag design, which closely resembled the current flag was adopted by the State Legislature on February 26th, 1913, and was modified in 1924 to the current design. The artwork on today’s flag consists of a white diamond with a wide blue border on a field of red symbolizing the fact that (at the time the flag was adopted) Arkansas was the only state to have discovered and successfully mined diamonds. The twenty-five white stars lining the diamond’s border represent Arkansas being the 25th state admitted into the United States. The single star above “Arkansas” represents the state’s former membership in the Confederacy, while the three stars below have three separate meanings: France, Spain, and The United States are the three countries that ruled the land before gaining statehood. The Louisiana Purchase, which brought the land that is now Arkansas into the US as a territory was signed in 1803. After Louisiana and Missouri, Arkansas was the third state formed out of the land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase. The original flag design that was adopted in 1913 was derived from a statewide flag design contest that was urged by the Pine Bluff Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) who voted to present an Arkansas State flag to the newly commissioned battleship USS Arkansas. At that time, however, Arkansas did not have an official state flag design. So at the request of the DAR, a committee was appointed to hold a contest to select a state flag. The contest was won by Miss Willie Hocker. Her design was exactly like the current flag with the exception of there being three stars in a straight horizontal line inside the diamond shape and did not include the word “Arkansas”. At the request of the committee, the stars were arranged in the shape of a triangle, and the word “Arkansas” was placed in the center of the triangle. In 1923, however, it was pointed out that there was no representation of the state’s being part of the Confederacy, so a fourth star was added to the design. After considering some different options on how the stars should be arranged, the pattern that we see on today’s Arkansas state flag was decided upon and adopted in 1924 but wasn’t officially codified and written into law until 1987. One final modification to the flag’s design was adopted in 2011 by Act 1205 stipulating that the colors of the Arkansas State flag should be the same as the colors of the American Flag. The Tennessee flag is the only other state flag with a red background.

Arkansas State Flag Pledge

“I salute the Arkansas Flag with its diamond and stars. We pledge our loyalty to thee”.

Nylon is a durable, lightweight material that will easily fly in a light breeze and features bright, rich colors. The artwork is visible on both sides of the flag and the lettering reads correctly from one side only.

  • Quality construction
  • Fade-resistant
  • Bright colors
  • One solid piece of fully printed, 150 denier nylon fabric
  • Heavy canvas header with brass grommets
  • 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent premature fraying
  • Flag size: 3’x5′

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Weight4 oz