Animal and Pet House Flags

Animal-themed large house flags or house banners for sale starting with pets all the way to wildlife and farm animals in between.

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Showing all 36 results

Large House Flags and Banners Depicting Wild and Domestic Animals

Enhance the look of the place you call home with house flags that show cats and dogs as well as animals from the woods to the farmyard. We are frequently adding new designs to our selection with various themes celebrating nature and the many four-legged creatures that inhabit the world. Some of our house flags feature real-looking scenes of nature and some are fun and whimsical. We have a great selection of animal-themed house flags to suit almost any taste. Decorating your place is lots of fun and relatively inexpensive with decorative and/or seasonal house flags and if you love animals, displaying flags with beautiful and furry critters pictured on them is just that much more fun. Spruce up your kennel or veterinary clinic with pup and kitty cat large house flags. A wild animal house flag will look great at your cabin in the woods and farm animals are perfect for the farmhouse.

  • Large house flags are fun to hang up for special occasions seasons or events and are a relatively inexpensive way to tie in with your current outdoor or even indoor decor
  • Give an appropriately themed house flag to your favorite animal lover as a gift
  • Mix and match large and small flags with like color schemes to find an attractive combination that you may not have thought of yet
  • Trade out with your friends and Family for a fun bonding experience