American Flags

Honor your nation by flying the official flag of the United States of America. The American flags we have for sale come in a wide variety of sizes and different types of fabric from high quality commercial with embroidered stars to low cost economy for the budget minded.

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Showing all 41 results

Official Flag of the United States of America

Featuring 50 white stars on a blue background in the top left corner, the current flag design was adopted in 1960 when Hawaii officially became the 50th state. The red and white stripes that have been staples of the design since 1777 and represent the 13 founding colonies. The blue star field stands for perseverance, vigilance, and justice while the red stripes represent valor and the white stripes symbolize innocence and purity.

Looking for a quality American flag for sale? We carry a large assortment of our most popular size – 3×5 American Flags. If you don’t see the size needed on our website, please contact us with your questions. We will be glad to help with your American flag needs!

  • Available in sizes from 12″x 18″ up to 10′ x 15′
  • Vintage or Antiqued coloring available in select sizes and fabrics
  • Many options proudly made in the USA!