3rd National Confederate Flags – Sewn Cotton


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Sizes 2×3 thru 4×6 Third National Sewn Cotton Confederate Flags

History of the Third National Flag of the Confederacy

The third national flag the “Blood Stained Banner” was adopted by Congress on March 4, 1865. The red vertical bar was added because the pure white field of the Second National flag could be mistaken as a white flag of surrender while hanging in no wind. The flag’s Southern Cross canton could accidentally stay hidden, so the flag could possibly appear all white. The flag was described as symbolizing the primary origins of the people of the Confederacy, with the St. Andrew’s Cross of the British flags as well as the red bar from the flag of France. Despite the passage of the Flag Act of 1865, very few third national flags were actually produced and put into use.

Cotton flags feature a very heavy, luxurious look and feel. They are commonly used indoors because of their old-world, handcrafted appearance but can also be flown outside, although they are not very durable or fade resistant with prolonged exposure to the outdoor elements. Cotton flags are also suitable for tea staining and/or framing and hanging indoors.

  • Heavy, soft cotton fabric
  • Sewn panels and embroidered stars
  • Heavy canvas header with brass grommets

Available sizes

  • 2×3
  • 3×5
  • 4×6

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2×3, 3×5, 4×6