2nd National Confederate Flags – 2-Ply Polyester


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Sizes 3×5 Thru 5×8 Fully Sewn Two-Ply Polyester Second National Confederate Flag

History of the 2nd National flag of the Confederacy

The second national flag of the Confederacy or “Stainless Banner” was adopted May 1, 1863, and served until March 4, 1865. During the quest for a second Confederate national flag, there were many different designs proposed, nearly all making use of the battle flag, which by 1863 had become very well-known and popular among those in the Confederate states. The new design was adopted by the Confederate Congress and described as “the Stainless Banner” because of the pure white field which took up a large part of the flag’s design. The Confederate Congress debated whether the white field should have a blue stripe and whether it should be bordered in red but ultimately decided upon the stainless design.

Initially, the reaction to the second national flag was favorable, but eventually became criticized for being “too white”. Others observed that it was essentially a battle flag upon a white flag of surrender and might send the wrong message. Military personnel also voiced concerns about the flag being too white, for various reasons, such as the danger of being mistaken for a flag of surrender, particularly on naval ships, and that it was too easily soiled. Despite complaints, the second national flag was also applauded by some for its design, referring to the saltire in the canton as the “Southern Cross”.

2 ply polyester is the most durable option for those who fly their flag 24/7. This flag features beautifully embroidered stars and sewn panels with rich, vibrant colors.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Fade-resistant
  • Sewn panels and appliqued stars
  • Heavy canvas header with brass grommets
  • 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent premature fraying

Available sizes

  • 3×5
  • 4×6
  • 5×8

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3×5, 4×6, 5×8