24th Georgia Infantry Regiment Irish Volunteers 3×5 Flag


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1st National Style 24th Georgia Infantry Regiment 3×5 Printed Polyester Battle Flag

This variant of the first national-style Confederate flag was carried by the 24th Georgia Volunteers made up of mainly Irish Volunteers. This flag is a reproduction and is designed to look as much like the original flag that was carried into battle by the 24th Georgia as possible. The design features ten small stars that are arranged in a circle around a single slightly larger central star appearing within the canton. An Irish Harp within a wreath of shamrocks appears on the white bar while “24th Georgia Irish Vol” is emblazoned across the top red bar.

History of the 24th Georgia Infantry
Several Confederate Companies claimed to be Irish, but there were only two Confederate Irish Regiments. The 10th Tennessee and the 24th Georgia. Recruited from Northern Georgia in 1861 and made up of men mostly of Irish descent, the 24th Georgia went on to become one of the most distinguished infantry regiments in the Confederate Army. Fighting with the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV), the 24th Georgia saw major combat for the entire war all the way through Appomattox where General Lee finally surrendered. They participated in every major engagement that the ANV was involved in. At Fredricksburg, the 24th Georgia just by chance was entrenched behind the stone wall on Marye’s Heights where General Meagher and his Irish Brigade were ordered to charge up the hill into deadly Confederate fire. With the green regimental flag at the center of the Union charge, there was no doubt that the Irish Brigade would meet the 24th Georgia face to face. As it happened, it was the 69th New York Infantry Regiment that assailed the part of the stone wall being defended by the 24th Georgia. As a result, the most famous Union Irish Regiment clashed with the most famous Confederate Irish Regiment on that deadly day. The 69th New York was later known as the “Fighting 69th” because of the nickname that Robert E. Lee gave them after witnessing the heroic yet hopeless assaults on Confederate lines at Marye’s Heights. It was the Confederates and the 24th Georgia who prevailed that day, but so impressive was the bravery of the Irish Brigade, the Confederate men offered hearty cheers at the gallantry and fearlessness of the fighting Irishmen.

This flag is a reproduction that closely resembles the one carried by the 24th Georgia Infatry during the Civil War. The exact size and materials are not the same as the original flag. All of the artwork is visible on both sides of the flag and the lettering reads correctly from one side only.

  • One solid piece of printed, hemmed fabric
  • Lightweight, 100-denier polyester that will fly nicely in the slightest breeze.
  • Bright colors
  • 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to prevent premature fraying
  • Reinforced header with brass grommets
  • Flag size: 3′ x 5

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